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A small test on shading

Date Posted: March 29th, 2017, 2:46 pm
As you can see, I suck at shading.



Eh, its not like this pic is good enough to actually show what I really look like.

Author Notes

Okie Welp, this sucks. Oh well.


Ooh, is this a self-portrait?
@Midnight-fox18: Maaaaaaaybe~

(It is. Lol)
Wow you did great drawing humans
Curly hair is my bane :p
@WildfireK: lmao I have curly hair and after endless sketching of myself I know how to draw it

wait you like this

but why fren
and woah this is pretty old
Lol old but gold
How did you sleep last night, Holly? Did my advice help at all?
And did they say anything today?
Anything about Smackjeeves or Pixlr?
Do your parents know about your account
Also how was your day
A lot of questions I know sorry

Okay fren

The advice helped like wow all of your advice is reaaaally useful for me I slept a lot earlier

They still aren't saying anything, I'm starting to think they won't unless something really bad related to that happens.

I don't have anything to say about both :P

My mom knows bout my account, she doesn't check it though. My dad doesn't know and will probably not care.

And hey my day was ordinary but good :3 how bout you?
Lol well I'm adjusting my schedule to fit yours lol I always get on at 9:50 to 10:00 just in case and then I get on at around 12:00 to wait for you XD
It's great - when you don't have something temporarily when you get it back it feels awesome - like when you get home from vacation. So you coming home gives me something to look forward to - shoot i'm being chessy I should stop lol

Also I tried my own advice and it didn't help lol just made me overheat and get restless
I actually think it hindered my sleep uh oh
But anyway that's great that they aren't saying anything until something bad happens because that lifts a little bit off your shoulders, right?
(Lol I was asking if they mentioned Smackjeeves of Pixlr but that was kinda a dumb question anyway XD)
@WildfireK: oh no frend


and thanks fren its ok to be cheesy lmao

and yeah it does :3
Also - you work from like 4:30 to like 5:30 or so, right? Because you've been gone like that for the last three days

Also - check it out - I finished Shadow's art trade and I don't mean to brag but it looks amazing :3 Teamwork at it's best
@WildfireK: I know fren i just saw :3

its booootiful

And sorry about being gone, my mom decided it was a good idea to suddenly drive me to a relatives house because birthday's

and i have homework


And why I've been leaving around that time is that is around when I do my homework
Yeah I guessed :3
speaking of leaving Imma gonna be gone for an hour so see ya fren :3
Send Aksha and Vega my regards :3
@WildfireK: Okay fren!
@RealBoxTheEevee: Lmao fren idk

(i'm tempted to draw your pokemon sona as a human now)
@HollyTheFluffyCat: (okez senpai_)
Woah I wanna see that
@WildfireK: lmao i actually did do something like that for wisp i just didn't color it
Woah I wanna see that too :D
(Btw what are your favorite two colors?)
@WildfireK: yay

And for colors, any color and black (no i am not edgy i just like the color black)

Maybe a pastel red? (lmao again I'm not edgy)
Oh my gosh those are the two colors that represent me (and my philosphy) best black and red
And I'm like not edgy at all XD just infrared and moral darkness yaayy

Lol anyway can u do something for me real quick I wanna see how tweening works
I will draw two circles and I want you to put them if GifPal and tween em please Holly :3

Here they are:
@WildfireK: oh shoot why didn't i see this earlier ahhhhh

okay fren

and thanks lmao
Lol you saw what I titled them didn't you~
@WildfireK: yessss

thanks frennnnnnn

but you are moar awesome :3
Awww thanks fren I will now proceed to hug you if that is fine by you
I mean it may be weird getting hugged by an egg beater
Better watch out for your hair
Hello >^<
@Silver moon: hey!
@Midnight-fox18: kill it.

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