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Eevee/Fire/Tears Test

Date Posted: March 31st, 2017, 8:36 pm
First drawing actually related to AEL! The eevee is one main character....But who?


Also, I'm lying. This is important. Even though you can't tell the gender of the character, I won't give it to you. But remember this if you want to start theorizing.

Author Notes

Ok, I know the shading and anatomy is off. BUT STILL. I spent a few hours on this thing. THIS is what my art look likes when I put some effort. So far, this has been the piece of art I have placed the most effort on. And I love it.

Don't question the random crying eevee, its not important.

EDIT: aw AiLyS lighten up!


The random crying eevee is important ,-,
Oh no. gOSh dIdly dangit you found out!