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Date Posted: July 24th, 2017, 7:57 am
Sola means "She is alone"


i am so lonely

i has nobody

to call my ooOOOWNNN

Author Notes

heyo war and sola look like long lost sisterss

and if you have no idea what this is im doing a writing collab with wifi sooo


Woaaaaaaah that is ssooooo coool Hollyyyy
@WildfireK: thx frendo :D
Yaaaa I will go and draw Vendetta now
And I just realized how absolutley cool everyone's name is I mean what War? Vendetta? Lorelei? Wooo

Also - Do you tgink we should change the Fair to the Just to be less similar to Paradisian equality and peace? :3 And how about changing Influence to Power?