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Elise thingy mabob

Date Posted: July 26th, 2017, 6:17 pm
my sweet lil cinnamon rolll

im sorrryyy kai i had to make dawn betray and hate you for plot reasons and to develop her charactherrrr

and i had to make you watch your brother suffer in front of you, near death, for YOU because of character development and plot too

lmao you didn't here anything frens

move along now

Author Notes

my sweet lil cinnamon roll

dont tuch and spoil his pureness


here ya go elise fren :3



Awww Kai is cuuttte
@WildfireK: yes he is

that is his purpose my fren :3
Yus he fits Akki well :3
@WildfireK: yuss

but majority has voted for dawn x akki

tbh, if i could chose, i would have made it kai x akki


buuut i have another idea to satisfy and then crush both sides >:)

sorry kai sorry dawn and sorry akki but boi are you all in for a ridee
Sounds like what's in store for Ru- NVM
@WildfireK: ooooooo