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bounci boll

Date Posted: July 27th, 2017, 8:45 pm
look at it gooooo

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Okay, so a short explanantion of tweening/inbeTWEENING :P

Tweening is when you split up your art into different pieces that can be moved around, rotated, or edited to create more natural and fluid looking animation. Basically, it's like making every leg of your character a part, the head a part, the tail a part, and the body a part. Using this, you could make a walk cycle. Tweening is actually easy to do, just make different layers for parts, move em around, and done. Lmao.

but be warned this is considered lazy to entirely handrawn animatoorss

but this way is quicker

so yeah

thats it

enjoy the bouncing boll frens


Wow Holly it's sooo smooth omr

Also I know what tweening is just not how to do it XD
How 'bout I draw a quick lil two or three frame animation and you can animate it? It'll be you wiggling back and forth lol XD

Unless of course you want to go to bed; it'll take around 3o minutes for me to make it and it'll be 10:30 then which is really late
@WildfireK: aww thanks fren

and poor fren

for the animation

lmao okay

I mean

If my mom drives me home and makes me sleep before you finish it I'll do it tommorow fren
Wait ur still at the party?
@WildfireK: yes

lol its the only reason why im still awake
But like why'd you bring your chromebook aint it clunky
(Unless I'm mistaken and they're smaller than I thout)
@WildfireK: eh

its not too big

and its an indoor party so im good

and my mom made me bring it because homework and stuff :P
Oh okay :3
Yo good mornin Holly how'd you sleep last night? :3
@WildfireK: agh god why didn't i see this earlllierrrr

my mom made me get ready a whollle lot earlier for me not to be latee

and i didn't see thisss

And good

Hey Holly
I posted Sixfold Saga go ahead and accept :3
So a whole lot happened when you were gone

Wiisp got a new profile pic (by me)
Sixfold Saga went up
Fire Storm made an art dump
If you have birthday art for Wiisp link it to her on the Gathering page dedicated to it
Also Allyson apparently has a new OTP - Wiispfire~
@WildfireK: ooooo


@WildfireK: lmao
No friendo stop XD
First let's get Wiisp approval and she's gone for the day


WiFi x Wiisp land will open for business!
@WildfireK: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

I mean there's Box and you, Rin and Shadow, so...
@WildfireK: lol
Also you didn't answer my questionnhow did you sleep last night? :3 or did you? 》:€
@WildfireK: i got sleep frennnnn

lmao just not that much

Five hours? Yeah I think around that
Well given that you went to bed at 11:00 I think that's probably a given :l

Anyway Holly what do you wanna do
@WildfireK: idkkkkkkkkk

im working on fanart for virtually every comic i read right now because why the hell not lmao
Ok! :3
Are Aksha and Sola finished yet cuz I wanna add em soon
@WildfireK: almostt frennnnnnn

like give me a day ill have them finished by tommorow :3
This comment chain is sooooo long
Ok dokie! That's perfectly fine - I don't want to rush uuu fren