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for wifi- hahahah cant soft shade

Date Posted: October 8th, 2017, 7:24 pm
lmao i have no motivation to make this better sryy

Author Notes

Ok, ok So, yeah. Sorry if i worried anybody with my last post. I was just stressed from my mom's pressure and people expecting me to be perfect and get straight A's, but I have gotten a B, a B+, and a couple of A- or A's, which is NOT an A+.

It's funny how a letter can apparently define your intelligence.

I'm better now though.

Anyway, yeah. Title explains why this is bad.

WiFi's outline, not mine.


Whatchoo talking about Holly yes you can soft shade :D

And sorry about that and not commenting... um.. yeah

But I just wanna let you know letters don't define intelligence to me - I didn't know your grades prior to this, but I didn't need to to tell.

@WildfireK: what are you talking about i cant lmao

and don't feel guilty ;<

luv you too <3

Fine fine you can't soft shade...

...worse than me.

Have we reached a consensus?

Well, sometimes we feel guilty when we're not culpable. Sometimes the logistical part of us knows we shouldn't but the emotional part feels guilty anyway.
Ah well

*huggles and doesn't let go*
@WildfireK: woah that was deep


Back to huggles ;3
It's kinda one of my shallower philosophies...
But also one of the mildest and least
.. um... idiosyncratic.

Gosh I want to hug you so flipping bad
@WildfireK: lmao idk your just in general kinda deep

Also i would literally hug the screen if my mom wasn't in the room
I would say something but then it would accidentally seem EXTREMELY dirty.
Ah well.
Yeaaaaaah I've always been philisophical - It's really fun to create very unique, morally ambiguous and utterly human characters :3

Do you have a pillow to hug in your bedroom? XD
@WildfireK: i am lying down on a pillow lmao

i shall now huggle the pillow
Huggle the pilloWiFi
It's quite theraputic
Get your pilloWiFis here
Buy one get one free
@WildfireK: ten out of ten would buy again
Soo you would like 20 pilloWiFis and 14 WiFi-scented candles?
@WildfireK: lmao yes please
Here you go!
That will be five huggles
*opens arms wide*

Pay up
@WildfireK: *huggles*

(lmao multitasking bcuz currently im struggling to try to change some things about the bg of an eeveelutions life)
Ooh ooh everybody is changing their website coding
First Shad then youuu
I can't wait to see it!
@WildfireK: haha but shad knows what she's doin though, sooooooo...

I'm trying to make the bg like a bg of stars and then gradient to sunrise idk it sounded better in my head

and change everything from blue to pastel rainbow
Oooh that does sound pretty

If it sounds better in your head it must be greeeaaat~ XD
Lynx the Ever Depressed
He's very soft no matter what your shading style kyeheh

@WiispNightmare: yES YOU CAN HAS HUGGLE
@HollyTheFluffyCat: HHHHHHHHH *huggles*
@WiispNightmare: huGGLE WUGGLE
@HollyTheFluffyCat: hm
Who is your most huggleable character :0
@WiispNightmare: cODY

Lynxie XD

Cody hug Lynxies
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Oh wait I knew that
Now here's a less important question

Who is MY most huggleable character :0
Shading is awesome holy craaaaap
@TheJGamer: lmao what

m8 my shading is heeckin all over the place lol :P