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look at how much i sucked

Date Posted: October 13th, 2017, 8:07 pm
and about a year later.....

my arts still fuckin shitty lmao

Author Notes

heyo look my art style actually could make your eyes bleed lol

ANyways, yeah here ya go

Almost a year here on Smackjeeves, making comics at least.

Thanks for helping me improve, all of you are awesome!

ok, anddddd which month is your favorite?

between which two months did i improve the most?

lmao tell me i guess


between March and April!

I love that Eony artwork you did! ^^
@ShadowStalker1128: ahhh thanks <3

(tbh that also is one of my favorites, right next to the I'm still here drawing)
I like April and May! :D never gonna get tired of that cute Box face
@WildfireK: lmao i like the box face, though the lines are heckin shaky bcuz of the fact that I drew it with a mouse
@LightEclipse: lmao thats fine frendo

(don't worry, i barely had enough)
lmao everyone is doing this, did everyone join in like october or something? (fyi, i did)

I really like April and May! Nice improvement~
Since this is October, we're just t=looking at our art from a year back
@WildfireK: Ah gotchu

Imma do this tomorrow just cuz its fun looking at my old art and besides I really need to update lol
@TheJGamer: lmao i actually joined the last day of august, but i posted my first piece november 20th

and thank you!