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she (a poem)

Date Posted: November 14th, 2017, 8:01 pm

Author Notes

She was a purity
Solace in the endless days I spent alone
Her name fit perfectly for who she was
I felt as if the world had robbed her
Broken a girl too pure that as far as I saw
Didn’t deserve to suffer
As much as she did

She was a ball of fiery passion
Energy and confidence in every step she took
She was like a magnet
And we were metal
We all were attracted
Her personality brought many flocking to her
Her name spoken on the tongues of all
Couldn’t go five minutes without hearing it
Her stunning name

She had such a beautiful smile
One she showed so often
One dazing me whenever she aimed it at me
Her eyes held such light
When she was surprised her eyes widened
Like a deer in headlights
Her eyes held her emotions
Reflected every ounce of her beauty

She was beneath it all sensitive
And I saw all of it
She broke quickly
Hit herself whenever she messed up in a sport
A punishment
I tried to help and to hold her
She pushed me away
Words cannot describe how much that shattered me
But I covered it up
She made my life heaven
And hell

She wasn’t loved by all
Of course
Two girls
Two of them
I overheard them say
“I wonder how many more missed kicks
It’ll take for her to bang her head in the wall”
And the other laughed
As the first imitated her hitting her head
The second one said
And this is what broke me

“She’s unstable”


She was a perfection
In my dark and troubled life
Why did I not defend her that day
Why did I not tell her that day
The cruel whispers spoken behind her back

She doesn’t love me as much as I love her
She’s probably head over heels for a boy
But I

I don’t care
I love her
And I’ll keep loving her through it all


I don't have anything to add...

*starts clapping*
That was very poetic. I'm applauding right along with WiFi. Don't you dare say you have no poetic talent ever again, Holly!
Aww, that's such a nice poem~