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Basketball - for her

Date Posted: November 24th, 2017, 10:13 am

Oh Jesus, I'm in for it now



Author Notes

If you had read my previous vent, you would know who I'm talking about.
I gave this to her about 1 week ago

Because...well I just wanted to give her something

I was talking way too fast when I have it to her, and I...
I don't know.
She looked grateful.

Last Tuesday, it was art class. She invited me to sit at her art table. Complimented my art. When I drew a weirdish looking cat since I was finished with my collage, she did the deer-in-headlights-eyes thing.
Said "you have got to have traced that"
And then she said "nevermind somebody could legit trace that"

If anybody else would have told me that, I would have been teed off.

But she said it
In such a way
I hate tracing, hate even the word
But she..
It was a compliment from her

oh god

I've gone too far to back out now

So yeah


Omr Holly it's amazing
It's flipping mind-blowing amazing
I love it
You're amazing
You're flipping mind-blowing amazing
@WildfireK: thanks boiiiiiiii

also I am currently drawing a maple shade on paper because everybody on YouTube is uploading amazing mapleshade pmv
Np gurrrrrrrrl

Wowowowowaaaah I WANNNA SEE
@WildfireK: shhhhHhhHhH

ok ok fine

I have only lines down though
@WildfireK: child I had done what you requested
@HollyTheFluffyCat: but seriously that's great Holly :3
@ShadowStalker1128: thanks >o<
oh man,such awesome shading
@Fire storm: Thank you!