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Mapleshade sketch

Date Posted: November 24th, 2017, 11:41 am
You see that blob near her ear?

It's supposed to be a distorted maple leaf

I'm clever ;)

Author Notes

Something is wrong with the back and it is annoying me to the point of no return

Scratch that all the anatomy is off

and note some of the blobs are her fur, some are blood

I'm gonna make this her killing Appledusk because idk

sorry for terrible lighting I'm in my room and it's kinda dim in here


I think that the body is big compared to the head and vice versa, which results in it looking kind of bulky :3
Looks great though! I love the emotion and the head! :DD
@WildfireK: thanks child!
@LightEclipse: crap sorry bout that XD