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LOS fan art - AnGE RY

Date Posted: November 29th, 2017, 6:41 pm
The mouth I really like for some reason

I studied a wolfs teeth a bit to form a better shape


Author Notes

I really can only sketch recently

And sorry for the fold, I accidentally folded this

I shall now rehang this on my wall

No joke

It was on my wall

Ugggghh that second feather looks horrible

And the eye is too big for my cartoony style

It makes Tess looked less ang e r y




Angery umbreeeeee
I love it lol
Those feathers look great to meeeeer

Also are side views easiest for uuu
They're easiest for meee
@WildfireK: both side and front are easy for me, but making character designs look the same (Especially Kai and Slyvia) will be the death of me lmao

also thanks!
@ShadowStalker1128: yOUR WELCOME :D