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Date Posted: December 11th, 2017, 7:42 pm
it's such a waste
when lil girls grow into their mothers face
but lil girls are learning how to cut and paste
and pucker up their lips until the suffocate


thanks fate for giving me a sister that's so conscious about her self image

Author Notes

so in case you were wondering the cat is my new cat persona pandora

named after well pandora

please don't ask what the plastic is

it is quite literally plastic

yknow the one you find around shoelaces and shit


anyway thanks for sticking though all these vents that's all for today

I'm going to sleep now and hope tommorow is better


Oh I know that song :000

Well I LOVE YOU REGARDLESS OF THAT SO YEAAA but I've already told you that so um yeah ^^;

Good night Holly and good tommorow too
Hope it goes better for you
I'll try to make it as best as I can <3
do u ever launch missles up ur vents butts
@Guest: I honestly would be kinda pissed but I'm too tired to care anymore

in fact I'm laughing congrats lmao


also the answer is who knows