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drawing on my phone was a mistake

Date Posted: January 6th, 2018, 11:49 am

hey so I'm just gonna toss an AEL spoiler here cause why not


kai is



He has a....impulsive attitude sometimes :)

Author Notes

to try and make up for the horrible Rin prof pic (the eyes were the only decent part and even then it was too small)

I did this for Rin


this is even worse shit

I used an app called drawing desk to make it

it has 4 modes

all have no layers

one has an inaccurate paint bucket

and literally no black or white, limited colors, in the kids desk

why did I use the kids desk?

idk it's easier to use than the others for basic start

then I just added some stuff with sketch desk and yeah

like wHite

Anyway yeet


Um I can't see the image

Oh nvm
Well this is definitley great for drawing on a phone
Look at the trash I made with my phone XD
@WildfireK: well you made that with the photo editor tho XD
oh my it looks nice for a phone pic holy crap
@zinnzinnluv: aaaaaa thanks <3
hey i think its cool
@Fire storm: hey I don't lmao

thanks tho <3