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lets pretend this is a good drawing - for rin

Date Posted: January 12th, 2018, 8:30 pm
im sorry

anyway, i talked with her


wished her luck on her science presentation, and saying i totally botched it

it was a group presenation so yeah- and the groups were of four, two girls, one Kate's BFF, the other me, and two boys, who are kinda irrelevant

she wouldn't believe i did badly no matter how much I insisted, and she wassaying i couldn't have done worse than my two male partners, ------ and ----, and assured me I did just fine

tHIS is why im so fucking in love with her godammnitT

Author Notes

most of my drawing take like 3 hours or 2

this took 1

but it still looks bad

ugh i testing a new shading brush it sucks srry

so yeah

happ birday rin

its the thought that coutns right tho XD


Awwww so many birday gifts for Rin <33

Wow you put a ton of effort into your drawings BRAVO HOLLYY :DD
@WildfireK: thats more just me suffering with lineart, fixing white lines, and overdoing shading

most people just do shading and lighten opacity, but as you saw from the vid of me drawing in that pm, I use gradients and shiz so I do a layer of every color, 100% opacity


thanks tho <3
Lol same but I suffer with the sketch part because it never looks good unpolished XDDD
And I use the same method of shading lolol XD
Except I layer it out a ton so you got like 20 layers of shading, some for details, some for larger details, some for blanket shading, some for face, some for eyes, some for little extra details, and some on top to polish it XDD

You're welcome! <33
@WildfireK: woah thats a lot
XDD yeah I wonder how I figured out my process...
More Rin! :D
@ShadowStalker1128: rIB YEET
@LightEclipse: yoUR WELCOME
Crap i no draw anything for rin's birthday :(
@Fire storm: eyyy its chill just as long as you acknknowledge her birday