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POSITIVE VENT- it gets better

Date Posted: January 13th, 2018, 2:22 pm
God I'm so fucking gay

Author Notes


so Wednesday I had my last art for the year, we switch to ------ and ---- now

and Kate sat with me

along with her bff

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa and she complimented my art

Thursday was a fucking mess and sucked mostly, except for Kate saying something wasn't my fault, it was ok

Friday was all up and down

the morning made me feel mostly "god I hate life"

but after PE

I wished Kate good luck on the science presentation

she said thanks


we fucking talked the eNtire time back from PE

From PE to our classes, hers was science and mine was math

and when I said I did horrible she said she didn't believe me

I fucking love her

sorry if you are homophobic or just bored from these gay ass vents but I'm just...

for the first time in a while

im really happy to be alive

EDIT: yes I know the timing of this post was bad

But I just felt like I should give you guys an update

if things can get better for me

who's to say it won't for you?


@Sky207:Elise I swear if a whiny bitch like me can have things get better then definitely the same will happen for you

your an awesome person Elise
feelings are nice, bad days are not, go tell that bad day to go fudge off uvu
@zinnzinnluv: thx <3
Does Kate like TØP or Warriors or Pokémon? :D
@WildfireK: to be honest I don't know

she likes new rules for music wise

and she loves musicals, dear Evan Hansen made her cry

I don't think she's a Pokémon fan

and I really hope she likes TOP

where did you get the crossed O from XD

Ahaha I hope she loves TØP too

The best way to bond with someone is try and learn how to rap Guns and Ships with them

I know from experience

Also I hold the O key on my phone and it pops up and I select it
@WildfireK: ah okie
I’m glad it’s going good for one of us
I’m happy for you <3
@ShadowStalker1128: thx shad <3

hey how's life for you?

school stress or anything like that?
@HollyTheFluffyCat: terrible thanks for asking lmao
@ShadowStalker1128: aw D:

huggles (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

ur welcome i guess
@LightEclipse: <3<3<3

@LightEclipse: ah no it's chill Rin XD

I mean I would say school is stressful because I did two presentations this week, but I mean I don't have it THAT bad