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gone (don't worry guys im ok, just a tiny vent)

Date Posted: January 19th, 2018, 6:12 pm

Author Notes

slow steps on the floor
blending words mixing
singing one broken song
stories told from smiling mouths

but my steps are slower
my mouth isn't smiling
the tiredness comes through
my hazed mind
i walk slowly
and then

i hear you

i turn quickly
my steps have slowed to a stop
you look at me, smiling
the smile that tears me
apart every time

grey eyes
warm smile
tawny hair
beautiful voice

and so
you come with me
to our class
you walk beside me
our steps are faster
than before

outside in the cold
standing with you
try to form a story
from my trembling lips
and i stumble over words
as if they were obstacle in a race
to try to convince you
i'm not in love with you

eventually everybody else comes
huddled together
finally we are let inside
class happens
the end quickly approaches
and we are set free

back into the cold
for lunch

i turn to look back at you
to smile gently
to take one more look in those grey eyes

but you are gone

gone like the forgotten whispers of the past
and so i stop for a second

its been seconds and i miss you already

and my mouth closes

as i forget myself again

and i am gone

(this was about a class that happened recently)

(this is more a sappy vent to vent my loneliness and lovesickness)

this was just me freewriting a poem with no plan

so sorry if its a mess



Fudge such emotion *wipes tears with infrared hankerchief*
@WildfireK: holy shit your fast

thanks i guess XD

this is just what my queer ass brain conjured up
Queer more like queen lol XD
@WildfireK: oml wifi thx (*´∀`*)
No problemo Holly

Muuuurp how do you make those faces

Like how did you find that upside-down A?

I have a lot of ammunition now >:3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: you poor thing i feel you
@Sky207: thanks elise

also heck i is poor thing? :O
omg this is so sad and beautiful and i made it sadder accidentally because i was listening to faded which made that song sadder too you did good on this poem and its ok Holly hopefully you will get away from this feeling of despair that keeps you in its grasp
@Flareon1: thank you <3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: your welcome <3
D’aww, this is about you and Kate, isn’t it? X3
@Midnight-fox18: yep XD
did the crush not work out because /this sounds like such/ and if so, ice cream lifts moods during anytime, or just like your favorite food in general
@zinnzinnluv: yeah i mean she is most likely straight

and this is mostly unrequited love so XD

i mean some days i talk to her more than others and those days are nicer

and speaking about her i just had a dream about her fuck