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A Team (a tiny bit of blood warning)

Date Posted: February 25th, 2018, 11:32 am
This is kinda a vent

But not at the same time

Author Notes

Oh hey moonbeam

Wtf is going on with your tail

And your wings suck lmao

God I can’t draw angel wings

Or blood

Song - A Team by Ed Sheeran


Image isn't available Holly ^w^;
@WildfireK: I’m sORRY I FIXED IT X,D
Yaaaay XD
What are you talking about those wings are really good, especially the texture! :D
@WildfireK: aw thankss

@WildfireK: <3<3<3<3


also yay i fixed it
<3 ♡ ♤ €>
a team is about a prostitute. I feel sorry for the girl inthe song
@Fire storm:
Woah, really?
I had no idea

That's sad...
@Fire storm: luckily I’m not a prostitute though I do relate to certain parts of the song
But the tail is pretty :0
@WiispNightmare: really? I thought I made it too fluffy XD
@HollyTheFluffyCat: n o s u c h t h i n g
Holly thats so pretty whoa :O
@zinnzinnluv: aaaa thanks!