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Date Posted: March 10th, 2018, 12:35 pm
Rumor has it she has a crush on Brokensky

Rumor is correct

Sure, she looks really fucking tough but she helps Brokensky train and talks with her, etc


Author Notes


She’s a heckin girl
Tortoiseshell and white Manx
She’s ruthless, sadistic, rash, and kinda stupid
She is an energy vampire, she sucks the energy out of cats

Horrifying, I know :)

She has really long fangs that secrete a liquid that when you are bitten by her, will slowly make you more drowsy until your in a coma and gives her a crap ton of energy

And she has a forked tongue because idfk

Also no power strategy because she just bites them and drags them away so they can’t escape/ so nobody can save them

Then leaves them to die because technically she didn’t kill them, she just made them in a deep coma

"why not just kill them?" you might ask

sure, shes sadistic

but like not to the point of actually directly killing a cat

she just likes watching cats in pain not dead

lmao i sound insane dont i

Fun story! Ok, so recently a kitty pet was roaming around and stealing prey from her clan (she’s in whichever clan Brokensky is in, they're friends)

Foxglove found them

And with her newly acquired powers, bit him for over 10 minutes

3 days later he were found dead, eaten mistakenly by vultures who thought he was dead


EDIT : i just realized how weak this power is so if its ok with you shad ill buff it up a bit

the venom, if she bites you once for 5 seconds, for example, stays in your body with the effect for around two times the time you are bit

so if foxy bit somebody for say, 15 seconds, the venom would have the effect of being for 30 seconds

confusing? here, lets make it math

time bitten x 2 = the true time venom was in effect


So she's a cat, a vampire, AND a snake?

Remind me to tell my OC cat to stay away from her
@thebradyiceeevee02: thats a good choice XD
Rubystar will have a lot of fun with her >;3
@WildfireK: foxglove would probably secretly steal her energy while she sleeps
Rubystar does not sleep XD
@WildfireK: oH no
She is also dead