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left hand thing

Date Posted: March 13th, 2018, 1:00 pm

Author Notes

lmao my art sucks so much and i was so lazy that it didnt even change that much from my original art style


*click* noice
@zinnzinnluv: thanks m8
*finger guns*
Your profile picture makes me feel extremely awkward XDD
@WildfireK: but. but. this is my annual profile pic change i hold every 6 years, i cant break tradition what do i do?!
Still looks good tho :0
@WildfireK: ehhhhh
What I look like in the mornings
@WiispNightmare: so you look like a lazily scribbled cat in the mornings XD
@Solar071: holly's art
definition - some crappy art by some girl lmao

also *paw/fingerguns back*