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Date Posted: May 21st, 2018, 7:43 pm

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'cause when a heart breaks, no it dont break, no it dont break, no it dont breakeven, no...

what am i supposed to do when the best part of me is always you and
what am i supposed to say when im all choked up but you're ok, yeah

im falling to pieces, yeah
im falling to pieces


break even
phrasal verb of break
reach a point in a business venture when the profits are equal to the costs

sorry im just kinda stressed

lmao scratch the kinda

really stressed

and tommorow aint gonna help lmao ;,)

but im fine


yeah no im not fine

but wednesday will be better

...i hope


sorry, but im not really in the mood rn or tommorow to explain what happened or to actually vent, i just need some time to think and shit

love you all

see you when i feel better



@WildfireK: <3

love you too
End of the school year always sucks

And I'm stressed too

My mom got on my grades today AGAIN
So tomorrow's gonna be fun
I say that with a profound sarcasm

You've seen my latest post on my comic right?
It's basically me coming up with a bunch of excuses why I can't update
And venting
Don't forget venting

I'm basically dead right now
Except commenting
And doing what I'm supposed to be doing
But I'll manage

I just hope nothing's too terrible with you right now <3
@thebradyiceeevee02: yeah, lifes pretty shitty by the end of the school year
hope you feel better<3

and don't worry, even though today half sucked, it was ok

better than the last two days
I'll wait
Feel better
(Also please keep your posterior attached to your body instead of amputating it with mirth)
@WiispNightmare: thank you for making me laugh yesterday wisp despite me feeling horrible, <3

also i'll try my best XD
@HollyTheFluffyCat: I try ♡♡♡

Better is good yep yep
omg i love that song <3 and feel better soon
@Flareon1: thank you <3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: your welcome <3
We can't help you if you don't tell us the problem but it's fine.As long as you stay alive literally that's fine by us but we can't afford to lose you.We'll give you some time alone and to think of what is necessary for you to do.But the only thing I can tell you is that I feel sorry for you for whatever happened.Take your time to calm down.It's better than telling us now what happened and get your trauma worse than what you have.
@Darvin: yeah, i knew not explaining wasnt gonna help anything, but i was just really stressed

thanks <3
First Trauma @HollyTheFluffyCat: It's okay,you deserve some time to calm down before you can explain everything.I know how that feels ever since when I was first traumatized,my condition got worse when my brother,cousins, and guardians wanted me to explain what happened the time my cousin got crushed by a truck.I was with him during that time.We were supposed to buy some sandwiches and shakes.When we both got to the stand where we can buy both of it we were bummed out since we found out that the stand happens to be closed.Ever since it was closed,both of us were going home but the unexpected was about to happen.During the time we were heading back home it happens that the road was too narrow for the truck to turn easily.With the both of us separated to cross the truck before it turns I managed to get through without any trouble.But my cousin was across the road to wait for the truck to pass the turn but ever since he saw me got through he went the same way that I did.On the other hand the truck driver took the turn before my cousin got through.The truck driver didn't saw my cousin pass by and accidentally crushed my cousin on the turn.It was too late for me to find out about it ever since I was a feet in front of him with me blinded by the sands that the truck was delivering to the construction site.I only noticed it when he screamed because of the pain he had the time he was crushed.I thought that my cousin was pranking me that he was crushed but I didn't thought it was real.The truck driver reversed the truck so that at least my cousin could get out of the tight space he's got himself into.That was the time when I found out that what I saw was real and that my cousin was wounded.I didn't know that his injuries were serious and needed to be treated but i don't know what to do.The only injury I know was his wound at his foot that was open again because of the pressure he got from the truck's wheel.We both tried to head home but the tricycle drivers found out what happened and stopped us and asked us what the truck looked like before he was crushed.They first asked us the plate number of the truck but the problem is that I didn't look for the plate number ever since I panic due to my cousin's accident.But I told them that the color of the truck was blue and they asked us to come with them in the pursuit of the blue truck.We have no choice but to go with them to identify the truck.When we came to the construction site where the truck was found the drivers asked for who's driving the truck that crushed my cousin and he showed up.After the time they found out who the driver was they asked us where we lived and I told them our residence's name but they don't know where it exactly is so they head to the west to seek for our guardians but it didn't took long for they found my auntie's residence.Of course it would be obvious that my auntie will be recognized ever since they asked for our names before the head out.My auntie called back at home to tell them the news about the accident.My uncle was very upset the time he heard the news and went to the location we were at and was furious.He wanted to hit the truck driver but he can't ever since he don't want to make a scene.Worried for my cousin they sent him to the hospital called Bauan Doctors Hospital.During that time I was headed back home and encountered my family members curious of what happened.My brother yelled at me because he too was curious of what happened.I wanted to tell them later but MY FUCKING BROTHER FORCED ME TO FUCKING TELL HIM WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE FUCKING TIME OF THE FUCKING ACCIDENT.No matter how much I told him that I will tell him later about what happened he still forced me to tell him what happened.And at that time I cried because of guilt.I was thinking that I was supposed to be responsible during that time and failed to manage my cousin.All I had in mind was that I have the responsibility to look after him yet I failed to do so.I came to my auntie's house traumatized and froze the time I got there.My body was freezing and my limbs feel like they're being sucked to my torso and my face shrinking.I can't remember what happened afterwards but whatever happened during that time,I'm sure it was horrible and terrifying for me to think about it.So I know how it feels like to get a trauma.And I know that it's best if we let someone take their time to calm down and ask them later for what happened.

No problem