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pro ana (trigger warning)

Date Posted: June 2nd, 2018, 2:20 pm
i have nothing

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oh my fucking god (again, TW) this is the shit that sucks the most


you fucking-

rant time

its not okay, not in any FUCKING WAY, to endorse this shit. stuff like this, eating disorders plus these mindsets, have brought people to DEATH. eating disorders are serious problems, and if you think posting this shit is alright, then you honestly are disgusting. if your homophobic, you suck, ill just say that, but if you say that this is fine to post these debilitating posts, than you are 20 million times worse.

this is basically pro suicide. the worst part is that it took a while for tumblr to say "shit we should ban this" and an even longer while for people to finally see whats so bad about this.

in short, pro ana, meanspo, thinspo, and pro ed websites/posts are horrible things

dont indulge in this guys, please
literally, looked at some meanspo for a while (~7 min) and started crying, i almost instantly felt more self conscious and sucidal
this is really dangerous, and i dont even have an eating disorder (or well, not that i know of)

PLEASE dont look for posts online like this if you feel self concious about your weight or your body

stay safe guys

love you <3


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Edit: Wait there it is
Let me see this

Edit 2:WHAT

This is just...
I can't describe it
I'm just in disbelief
With This whole thing
@thebradyiceeevee02: sorry, fixed it
@Sky207: YES

this shit is disgusting
I think what makes it worse is that this (POSSIBLY) isn't just people being extremely rude, but victims looking to "help" others, in a, as you said, pro-suicidal way
@#403: oh yeah, I forgot to mention that in my rant

some of these people, especially the “meanspo” coaches, are people suffering with anorexia

some people in fact ask for meanspo so they can stop binging and remember to starve them self

it’s honstly really sad
@LightEclipse: 110% agree with what you said

like holy hell this shit is bad

I mean, it makes me feel even worse than I do about my weight (since I’m a tad bit overweight, but like, not by too much)

honestly, this is horrible and disgusting
@HollyTheFluffyCat: *inhales* I know you posted this almost 21 days ago but I can't help it.

I am 5'3" and 188lb (possibly more than 188). I am considered overweight. I have literally went a whole day without eating before and guess what I gained weight. That is what happens, you gain weight BEFORE you lose weight. Your body eats the fat you have. When your body eats the fat, it turns it into MORE fat. Then, when your body is unable to produce fat, your body will eat the fatty tissue that you already have. Although, in some cases, you could get sick and possibly die. This is because that person is to weak or their body is rejecting the food they are eating, that means that they are throwing up that food.

Those times when I haven't eaten all day, my body has nearly rejected the food I ate the next day. Right now, I'm to the point where I don't feel hungry and FORGOT to eat because of it. For the past couple of weeks, I have been loosing weight but that's only because I haven't been eating very much and some day's not at all. I had basically starved myself.

And of the first one where it says "You know who likes fat ass girls? NOBODY." I have news for them, African Americans have said that they DO. Heck I have even SEEN African Americans that are with women that are 'fat'. So what that person had said is false.

For me this IS a sensitive subject. I hate these people...
@WhiteRose the Warrior Cat: going for so long without food, while you might eventually lose weight, it wont be through a healthy method, and i entirely agree that this stuff is horrible