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Tiffany (no not the ael one)

Date Posted: July 10th, 2018, 11:22 am
ya girl can edit

Author Notes

im not finished but look at what i did with the power of editing

i changed the sylveon's colors (slighty, pull up a sylveon pic and notice that this one is more orangey) and made the ears go down

her names tiffany and she's really cute and she's gonna be in my new comic, idk what im calling it

the comic is basically gonna be gay af
with tiffany being in a relationship with annabelle the espeon because irony yay

tif is poly and anna is just really fucking gay

plus some other characters

it takes place in a future pokemon world, where pokemon fusions start becoming possible through breeding

such as,,, tiffany actually has wings
and anna has weavile claws

etc, etc

its really cool and im looking foward to this comic as a stress reliever
because its just a really fluffy and nice comic with only some angst