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Tiffany :O

Date Posted: July 10th, 2018, 2:54 pm
wow look at the poly heck

Author Notes

wow look at the heck

the wings are shit, she looks better when i actually draw her

but other than that the editing job is mediocre

this is tiffany

she's polysexual
and she is mostly a sylveon
her mother was a leafeon with a bit of serpine in her
and her father was a vivillion with some roselia in him

her wings are functionial, she can levitate in the air, but can't really fly

she knows a grass type original move, called dreamer's vine
basically its a weaker vine whip (the vine comes out the rose) with sleep powder injected in the vine
it stings only a tiny bit and usually just puts you to sleep

her flowers do bloom, whenever she sits in the sun for a while
then they close at night
when they bloom, they produce excessive amounts of pollen, similar to a budew, and causes allergies

and yeah

i love her ^^


So it's like Nuzzle but it's grass type and puts you to sleep??
I want this to be a thing
@WiispNightmare: honestly,, yes

that would be such a useful move

i mean, maybe a tiny bit overpowered, but it still would be amazing! :o
@HollyTheFluffyCat: So is Nuzzle because it's a 100% chance of Paralysis so I mean
@WiispNightmare: trueee
@HollyTheFluffyCat: and tbh sleep is better anyways
@LightEclipse: thanks! again, really excited for the comic and making more characters fused with more pokemon