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love (mostly positive)

Date Posted: July 10th, 2018, 5:08 pm
In a way,
My conselour was like a therapist

Only I could actually talk to her
And she actually helped

I had a burnout/episode

I wanted to drown myself in the lake
I wanted to run in the forest and never come back

But she helped me
And she forced me to admit that I couldn’t run
I had to meet problems face to face

Thank you Nikki

Author Notes

if nobody else will love you
then remember that you always have yourself

remember yourself
remember your feelings

and most of all

remember your heart

(this is just a vent about camp, shit happened there, but I learned a lot)


Yeah when I went to my camp

I mean I had fun there, I rode an ATV

But I was the only one from my troop that signed up for my particular program
And it was a camp away from everyone else

That first day I felt so isolated, lonely

But the other guys there took me in
And then I could have fun
Like I've said a million times already
I flat out failed camp XD
The last time I went was great tho
It's cool you got something good out of it!