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Date Posted: July 22nd, 2018, 6:06 pm
i should just go instead of begging for attention like a fucking attention whore

to the one that cares for everyone, you shouldn't worry about me
spend your energy on those more worth the trouble
just let me die, please

to one of my dearest friends, im sorry
i know you care about me, even though i dont deserve it
i've said stupid things, and i dont deserve you

to the one who's heart i've stolen, may i ask why
would you ever fall for somebody as pathetically worthless as me?
im a horrible person, and i hope you've seen that by now

to the one who's friendship was pure as their heart, just go
leave me to die instead of trying to think i could be better
you've already seen how cruel i can be to you, so just leave me

to the one who is a newer friend, don't be grateful for something
anyone else could have done better, and from somebody who hurt you
while indirect, it still leaves marks, so i ask to please just leave

and lastly, to the one who left me righteously, i want to apoligize
i should have noticed something was wrong instead of whining about my own problems
and im so, so, so fucking sorry for fucking it up with you, for saying all the wrong things

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