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Date Posted: August 31st, 2018, 10:36 am
dont u hate it when u draw a somewhat ok dress on a somewhat ok human and some mediocre ish hands and then u ruin it with the eye?

i fucking hate drawing eyes hhhhhh

Author Notes

this sucks

i fucking hate drawing eyes hhhhhh


Hey Holly, Have you noticed Wifi has gone missing? And at least half the smackjeeves peeps have moved to deviantArt? What going on!
@9rainbowtails: oh yeah ive noticed

hes still alive, i will say that. so dont be worried about that

ive also kind of moved to da, but im trying to post on both sites ^^"

dont really know why everythings changing rn especially, idk, guess that's just how it is
@9rainbowtails: Don’t worry, I haven’t permanently moved away, I definitely plan on using SJ a lot more in the future, this website holds a special place in my heart. <3
But it’s just ... way too stressful being here at the moment. Everything is so messed up. So many friendships and shit have been torn apart and depression is everywhere, and I just don’t have the emotional strength to deal with this site at the moment ;-;
It’s not forever though. Don’t worry, Rainbow <3
I can’t speak for anyone else, that’s just how things are going for me.
I really hope everyone else going through this is doing okay, and stuff on SJ will be fixed someday <333

Would you like me to try to message you about what’s going on?
@Midnight-fox18: hey, just remember i love you mid, sorry if i caused any stress, especially with sky

take care pleae <3
Bork @HollyTheFluffyCat: jorlt (hi girls)
@pixlyJolt: hi, sorry jolt, but i wouldn't consider it a good time to reply to the convo with barking

its not rlly appropiate to the subject matter

again, sorry
@Midnight-fox18: I was just really confused I had gone to Wifi's profile and all his stuff was gone. I can understand that things have been messed up around here, but I try to stay out of fights which puts me a little bit under a rock. But thanks for clearing things up.
@ultrawandit: damnit why didnt i put that in the alt text-

*tips fedora* m'm'lady

or ,m'lad