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Date Posted: September 14th, 2018, 11:09 pm

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well i mean i did warn you lmao

so yeah,,, next time maybe understand i do usually take action on what i say,,,,,

and not delete my comments because you hate me


well, it is her art dump, Holly........
@-FluorescentScales-: i know, and if there was more reasoning behind this i wouldnt be complaining but there isnt rlly much except she hates me and she doesnt want any comments with any negativity or criticism
@HollyTheFluffyCat: No offence, but I thought you were a guy... The profile picture made me think so... Sorry!
@CharizardChic: its,, fine lol
@Flaming_Eclipse: you're right, I apologise.

I have no part in this and I shouldn't intervene.
@Flaming_Eclipse: ok, ok ill stop, sorry

i changed the images, so they no longer exist, im not deleting the pages because its my art dump so i can do that lmao and i rlly wish i can just go to sleep now
I fucking hate you all You all stop fighting OR I GO TO ADMIN & BAN U ALL
@pixlyJolt: bro don’t make that threat
wanna know why I always comment as a guest?
because I’m banned
3 years ago, got banned for age
lemme tell you, it’s no fun.
I get my account back in 15 days.
And if I ever hear you, or anybody for that matter, giving that threat again, understand me.
It’s not what you think it is until you’ve experienced it.
@Ima Fishtick: yeah???
I thought u knew xD
I was too young and I have to be 13 to be on but I was 10 :<
But yeah, two weeks away
You all go here or I tell admin I SWEAR I WILL!!!
I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU WHO ARE FIGHTING, BUT ALL OF YOU WHO ARENT IN THIS, good for you, you get a life time supply of Rare Candies.
@pixlyJolt: !(yeah i only went here to scream at you to stop lmao),speaking of your “only friends”,you have literally the whole ES roleplay community as your friends hell You have literally more friends than I do,I only have Like 5 friends and you have AirRaid SolarEclipse (+all the 100 eclipses expect Light-Eclipse),Casaboy,Tyler,AquaPaws,FatalDestiny ,etc MY “ONLY” FRIENDS HUH?

Just note that yeah we were friends until Pixl went insane
Im leaving before I get stranger alert by literally everybody
Also freaking this is like Civil War Sky vs Holly who will win dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dung dun dun dund dudndu
Ok ill get my ugly face out of here
@Ima Fishtick: ok uh not gon comment on the pixl thing

and what
what is civil war sky- XD

eh never seen ur face but i doubt you're as ugly as you think
@HollyTheFluffyCat: u wernt suppose to comment on the pixl thing
Yes civil war dundundund Unudiudunudnudnunudund well no civil war its like war of wars of wars dundunduubdundunggdundununnnnn

For a second I forgot doubt meants what it meant and I was like “oh wowowowowo im ugly” then I noticed doubt meant what it actually means
. . . @Ima Fishtick: you don’t understand, do you? You don’t know what it's like to have the pressure of a THOUSAND PEOPLE LOOKING TO JUDGE OVER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HATED ME ON ES!?! HUNDREDS! I AM INCREDIBLY HATED AT SCHOOL!
What the fuck happened while I was gone what tea did I miss
@ShadowStalker1128: comments were deleted lmao
@HollyTheFluffyCat: but why goddamnit what h a p p e n e d
@Flaming_Eclipse: ok firstly ppl would care, secondly

@pixlyJolt: there is no way they could ban us over this

if you read the terms of service, we aren't really violating anything
im not telling sky to go die, im just getting annoyed with her, and its the same thing for her

neither of us could get banned

now, people CAN get banned for stealing art,,,,
or using other ppls art without credit in their prof pic

so please stop threatening us
*sigh @HollyTheFluffyCat: I’m just concerned about my ONLY frens here on smack jeeves...everyone else here hates me
@pixlyJolt: no, its fine dude
. . . @HollyTheFluffyCat: is it really though? I mean, the more i go here on smack jeeves, the more I see people having problems. Guess who is going away from ES. Any guesses? IT IS LOYKA! I HAVE TO FIX THIS!
@Flaming_Eclipse: what’d sky say?
@ShadowStalker1128: she told me she would ban me from commenting if i kept "HARASSING MY FRIENDS"

and then my comments got deleted and i got banned uwu
@HollyTheFluffyCat: amssgkahwkq of course
@HollyTheFluffyCat: why are you making me sound much worse than i really am
@Sky207: eh, you do the same

and to an extent it is true

you did say in capslock that i was harrasing your friends, and you did delete my comments and banned me after i told you to please stop

this page is dead anyways lol, please stop bringing up dead drama
@HollyTheFluffyCat: well you didnt even tell the whole story
@Sky207: i actually have told her before the story of what happened with eclipse, you can ask her if you dont believe me

i didn't exactly tell him to go kill himself either, so your reaction was at least the tiniest bit extra
@HollyTheFluffyCat: i never said you told him to kill himself that was someone else
@Sky207: i was saying you definitely implied or at least reacted like i said something like that
@HollyTheFluffyCat: im sorry i was really stressed

also before you say anything, i KNOW that is not a good excuse.
@Sky207: if you know its a bad excuse why are you using it

i mean, sure, but stressed or not, still kinda,,,,, annoying to say the least
Are we all righty here? @HollyTheFluffyCat: the rp group kinda already passed through the fighting phase, we all moved onto real life problems, like at the time, Eclipse got stitches on his hand right now because of something he did
@Flaming_Eclipse: ok, i didnt phrase it like that, apologies but

if i remember correctly i said it comes off a bit clingy and you caused stress for MID, not anyone one else

other than that, you're fine
How’s everyone doing this morning? <3
Because that fight happened last night and that always makes people feel shitty, so I’m just checking in to see if you’re all okay today, and if there’s anything I can do to help ^^
I love you! Stay safe <333
@Midnight-fox18: meh a bit tired and still stressed abt,,, you know, da,,, being outed

other than that im ok
@Flaming_Eclipse: Well, that’s good! At least you’re doing okay :3
@Flaming_Eclipse: what exactly seems like favoritism?

and all im gonna say is this is the internet
not all ppl speak the truth, not all ppl lie

ehhh bit of a stretch there
what even-
@Rin: death
Oh yeah, like how you kept running away from me? @Flaming_Eclipse:
Oh yeah, like how you kept running away from me? @Flaming_Eclipse:
What did I miss

Its always fun to watch it but what I came here to yell at Pixl to get his nose back into the ES RP site what in the living flock
@Ima Fishtick: you missed a small fight lmao
@HollyTheFluffyCat: in your view its small
Yes fishtick... @Ima Fishtick: it DID seem small. Hmmmmmm, but was it really?
@pixlyJolt: @Ima Fishstick:

well no it was small compared to previous fights lmao
Mmmm? @HollyTheFluffyCat: & would these fights have been before July 2018?
@pixlyJolt: be glad your not Holly lmao even the biggest flamewar to happen is still medium for Sky and Holly+no this isnt about the Pixl-talking-about-deppression-is-bad crap this is the war of Holly and Sky (because it literally is war)
Pfffft @Ima Fishtick: I could handle whatever they could throw at me! Be it through wind, rain, ice, fire, acid. They could never knock me down.
@pixlyJolt: try doing that irl without your pokesona lol
@pixlyJolt: honey plz no-

we arent attacking you we are attacking each other, you dont really have a part in this lmao

and everyone gets knocked down so hmm
ATTACK ME!!! @HollyTheFluffyCat: I MAY BE JUST 13 IRL COMPARED TO ALL OF YOU, CASA, SKY, ECLIPSE, BUT I COULD TAKE WHATEVER YOU TRY TO DO TO DAMAGE MY BODY, OR SELF ESTEEM! TAKE YOUR HATE ON ME! Anyways...my emotions have gone away ever since my crush hurt me...
@pixlyJolt: seriously dude,you didn't even see the fight that started it...
IT ALL STARTED WHEN HOLLY ASKED “what do you mean by “shes trying”” ,then boooooom rip frendship.
@pixlyJolt: ok please fucking stop

I’m younger lmao

and please, stop
you have nothing to do with this and it’s obnoxious to ask for ppl to let you know when I’m having a fight with Sky

@Ima Fishtick: aCtually, it’s started earlier than that lmao
@HollyTheFluffyCat: oh wow

So thats why
@Ima Fishtick: can vouch for the war uwu
@Flaming_Eclipse: Nu dont leave we wont let u leave never
@Flaming_Eclipse: everybody except you have already been like “SCREW IT THE WAR WILL NEVER STOP” and your like “STOPPP” forever and yo unever give up, thats perseverance (is that the right word lmao)
*facepaw* @ImaFishtick: well fine, but the next time they fight, TELL ME!
@Flaming_Eclipse: ok, I’m just gonna say, you don’t have a part in this
you SHOULD’NT have a part in this
you weren’t here for the previous fights and you are kinda new
simply saying, it shouldn’t concern you

you can try to have a part in this but like,,, shit ain’t changing lmao
@Flaming_Eclipse: well it’s true lmao
@Flaming_Eclipse: eh, try stubborn.
bit more fitting to the situation
@Flaming_Eclipse: well, ok, just dont be disappointed if you notice nothing has changed
Oh no. Flaming if you tell me they are fighting again as in FIGHTING FIGHTING no seriously if they actually are fighting like crazy fight then ima-MRRRRRRFF!
*a few minutes later* @pixlyJolt: heh heh, uh false alarm...*le punched by lazuli*
I have never seen an author comment more than their readers... Wow! You spilt your drink today as well? Nice! I have totally trashed drawings because of my carelessness. But hey, digital art saved me, I just trash my tablet and laptop! Oh wait, sorry... Nice job on the picture!
Sorry for intruding, and that was the longest fight ever, it lasted like a month...
i just came back from the dead and i am very confused with the amount of things that happened???Tf is going on??
@Fire storm: ack,,, uh the basic summary is stuff happened between me and sky, some new people joined sj, some of them stole art, ppl got ANGRY that they stole art, yadda yadda yeah

sorry for the crappy explanation, if u want a more detailed explanation u can pm me ^^"
@RealBoxTheEevee: yo lmao
? What am I looking at ?
@Lotus: uh a. train wreck of a fight-
I’m still confuse