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wip painting of me and kate

Date Posted: November 10th, 2018, 8:57 am
hhhhh i made her a pale calico i have no idea why

and im trying to make pandi more thicc to be accurate to my body type, since im not that skinny but not that fat either
just kinda chubby

Author Notes

anatomy's hard and so are backgrounds help

any advice?

i would upload on my da but i haven't updated on here for a while


@HollyTheFluffyCat: I've been working on anatomy as well. I find that it really helps when i use picture of real cats and sketch over them find the structure of their body. Just a to look at the anatomy of real life cats. Then i put what I learned into my artwork. I take alot of pictures and videos of my on cats. also it's pretty fun to pause a cat video, screenshot the image and use that to. Cats can do alot of interesting things.

So in short studying the anatomy of real animals is pretty helpful.
@9rainbowtails: Ditto what she said, and you could also apply that tip to backgrounds as well.
Just go outside (Or somewhere inside!) and take some pictures. It'll help with placement, texture, perspective, all kinds of stuff
ORRR... if you can't find what you're looking for, try Google Maps Street view, that works too!

I've used that method a few times, and it definitely helped me
@9rainbowtails: @thebradyiceevee02: thank you both!
Oh my god this is so adorableeeee

Also, I noticed the warm hue you put into the shading ;3 And oh my god does it help so much!! It looks especially good on Kate, the warm shading fitting with her orange patches like a charm~ And I don’t know how to describe it, but it also improves the mood of the painting?? Idk how to say it but,,,, warm colors make me feel warm inside lmao
Can’t wait to see the finished piece, Holly!! <3
@Midnight-fox18: hh tysm!!

tried my best to implement your criticism,,,

and yeah warm colors are really nice hh
@Aura9301: hhh e c k thank!!!

this is really good!!!!
@ultrawandit: hhh tysm
but it sucks
@HollyTheFluffyCat: noitdoesnot
Now these are the kind of works I really like. Why does everything need a face? Look at Starmie. Everyone uses/used it for meta of the original games, & it's designs+moveset is amazing, yet simple!
@pixlyJolt: oh it was a work in progress