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poems galore (negative and positive)

Date Posted: March 3rd, 2019, 7:12 pm

Author Notes

yo i've been writing some poems during classes when i should be,, concentrating so oof
whatever lmao

blease keep in mind i dont really think im good at writing poems,, i just,,,,, do them for stress relief h

Her (name poem)

“Kate..” she sighed in a quiet voice
“A girl always running to the sun, for she knew,
The world wouldn’t love her if she didn’t prove that
Every time she fell down, she would stand up, stronger”

Three (free write)

Was a shooting star blazing his way down
Going, going, and fizzling into nothing
He was the birds cawing at the rising sun
The coarse sand and lapping waves
He was running and chasing after the wind
Muddy earth and endless energy
He was a tsunami of strength,
The echo of waves roaring and
Making their way to land
Crashing, crashing and falling back
And he drifted away

Was the smell of flowers in spring
Growing, growing, and bringing solace
She was a butterfly sitting alone at noon
The soft grass and the warming light
She was sitting at night, curled up and reading
Gentle moonlight and thick blankets
She was a small candle of warmth
The light from fireflies trying
To shine bright enough for others
Shining, shining, and flying up
And she started to stray

Is the sun setting behind the grass
Falling, falling, and vanishing silently
She is the sound of rain dripping down
Crashing lightning and rumbling thunder
She is playful teasing and gentle shoving
Warm sunlight and glowing fireworks
She’s the sparks that start a fire
The earthy scent from the forest and
Sunlight filtering through the leaves
Blinding, blinding, yet warming
And she seems to want to stay

Father (free write)

He deserted us
He’s a coward
I’m not like him
And yet I can’t
Ignore the words
She said. Am I
Really worse than
Him? Am I really
A failure? Should
I be dead? But
Empty promises
Tied around me
Holding my throat
Trapping my voice
Hold my tongue
I swallow dryly
I try to think through
The thick fog of
But I know
There’s no
I’d do anything
To leave, even
Shed my old
Friends, my
Enemies, and
Like a coward

…So maybe I am just like him.

Pit (short free write)

There’s a pit at the bottom of my stomach
I don’t know why
It just sits there, subtle dread
I take a breath

And I pray that I’ll never let it out

Think (free write)

Her lips tug up
Blue eyes shining
But all I can think of
Are those same eyes crying

She reaches out her hand
To playfully tap my shoulder
But all I can think of
Are those hands hitting her

She jokingly says “thank you”
A common phrase to say
But all I can think of
Is her thanking me that day

She smiles cheerfully
Talking with her friends
But she’s all I can think of
It’s always her in the end

Names (name poem)

A sharp pain ricocheted through her
Noise around her morphing into a blur
Despite herself, she walked, unheard
Reaching her locker without saying a word
Even then, she glanced and met her eyes
And in her head, she heard her quiet cries

Here (haiku)

“Oh, Andrea’s here.”
I feel a sting, but she’s right
I’m not really here

Snow (tanka)

A shy smile graces
Her perfect face as she looks
down, kicking the snow.
And it’s that moment that I
Remember she’s human too.


I'm just,,
Internally screeching,,,
Because those are all so varied but emotional and,,,,
I wish I could convey emotion like that,,,,,
I don't even have the drive to rhyme anymore haha
@WiispNightmare: nightmare your psts are infinitely better than mine-

but aaa tysm!! i try to make things sound at least not extremely trash-
imo u convery emotion well!!
and rhyming isn't necessary for making a good poem and its better to write a good non rhyme poem than a poem that has really weird lines just to make it rhyme

thanks again h
@HollyTheFluffyCat: that insinuates there are styles superior to others which is a lie

Well then this is extremely not trash and therefore very good

You know what you're right
@WiispNightmare: ok fineeeeeeee

hhh thanks!

yeh, i struggle,,, a lot with rhyming, and since im uncreative i just google the definition of words on rhymezone to make rhymes which,,, kinda works :,,3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: shh I use rhymezone too

I mean like did you see the -Ation poem that was 50% rhymezone
@WiispNightmare: yeah but you use it well lol-
@HollyTheFluffyCat: you must practice to learn
@WiispNightmare: valid point, i shall practice-
@HollyTheFluffyCat: wait

wait wait wait

@WiispNightmare: oh heck perhaps

i have to study for exams rn tho rip
@HollyTheFluffyCat: hnn okie okie schools are important i suppose

should probably do mine

o n w a r d s t o l a t i n
@WiispNightmare: i appreciate the "i suppose" because honestly thats the truth lol-

oof latin
i take chinese save me :,,3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: it iss

yeee I enjoy it but studying for the NLE is tedious ack
my latin books don't cover roman gods as much so I have to guess
i absolutely hate chinese and it is the worst decision i have made school wise so uwu
@HollyTheFluffyCat: latin's everywhere so it's cool haha
@WiispNightmare: yeah plus latin is the base for like most english words so it helps with that

chinese is just a pain-
@HollyTheFluffyCat: and other languages so it gives me a leg up on that yee
@WiispNightmare: yeah, i regret not picking latin for my language but oh well
@HollyTheFluffyCat: *pats* You're not missing out on a ton, most translations include someone dying some way or another
@WiispNightmare: someone dying some way or another sounds like me-
@HollyTheFluffyCat: One of my recent exercises was literally "The soldiers were hurled down from the wall" and I was like
is this
active and they're hurling the wall or