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heart and head (v,,,vent poem)

Date Posted: May 23rd, 2019, 8:47 pm

Author Notes

rip lmao more vent poems

Heart and Head

My heart doesn’t listen to my head.

Instead, my heart hangs heavy in my chest,
Falling again, weighted down by the stress
That sits on my shoulders, watching me.
It sometimes warms with the feeling of
The heat in my cheeks and the happiness,
Sometimes shrivels up with anger and
The bitter jealousy that fills my veins,
And sometimes just shatters, broken
Into pieces and blown away by the wind,
The same wind that caressed my cheeks
As salty tears trickled down them slowly.

But my head twists and turns, overwhelmed
By the rush of emotions flooding through me
It begs my heart to slow down, because
Everything is fine, and nothing is wrong,
But logic is an unfamiliar land to the heart.
My head aches with the pain of feeling,
With the pain of broken promises wrapping
Around me like vines, and with the pain
Of shards of my heart stuck inside my skin.
And as I struggle to keep silent, the turmoil
Within writhes violently, struggling to be heard
My lips stay sealed.

I close my eyes and feel the disembodied stares of a hundred more.
I tighten my fists and feel tendrils wrap tightly around my lungs.
I open my mouth and feel the words choke and die in my throat.
I take a breath and hold it in.

I take a breath and fall again.


Man, I gotta get back to reposting before the end of the school year, great poem btw.
Well I felt this