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leave me in the sky

Date Posted: May 26th, 2019, 9:02 am
life's confusing sometimes, y'know?

Author Notes

hi so this is gonna be the first post in a while i post only on sj so h

just a lil vent/stress relief

basically uh

there's a girl who i'm almost 95% sure likes me because she said she liked a girl and that she was shorter than her, she had an e in her name, she had brown hair and dark brown eyes, and there's only 3 people in the grade that fit those qualifications and im one of them, plus she'd have a motive because im her friend. im not sure whether i should do anything because she's cute and nice and i just. h.

meanwhile my crush on kate goes on and i just want it to kinda end at this point but im having dreams about her again and i just hate it and myself.

meanwhile i have a huge history project due soon and im stressing over that.

meanwhile school's almost over and everything feels so weird.

and yeah thats about it.