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leave me in the sky

Date Posted: May 26th, 2019, 9:02 am
life's confusing sometimes, y'know?

Author Notes

hi so this is gonna be the first post in a while i post only on sj so h

just a lil vent/stress relief

side note before the venting part, i'm actually really happy about 1. how this piece turned out and 2. my art improvement

basically uh

there's a girl who i'm almost 95% sure likes me because she said she liked a girl and that she was shorter than her, she had an e in her name, she had brown hair and dark brown eyes, and there's only 3 people in the grade that fit those qualifications and im one of them, plus she'd have a motive because im her friend. im not sure whether i should do anything because she's cute and nice and i just. h.

meanwhile my crush on kate goes on and i just want it to kinda end at this point but im having dreams about her again and i just hate it and myself.

meanwhile i have a huge history project due soon and im stressing over that.

meanwhile school's almost over and everything feels so weird.

and yeah thats about it.


god this is gorgeous
and ackkkk hope everything turns out okay in the end :,,3
@hade: your art is like ten times more gorgeous but!!! aa tysm,,,

thank u,, hopefully h,
Am cri
U also cri
We can cri together :"3
@WiispNightmare: oh yeah im down for that,,, crying party uwu
@HollyTheFluffyCat: I'll bring tissues
have a threesome?

@pixlyJolt: wh
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Nothing! It's really nothing ~v~’
that,,good art!
wish that things will get’ better soon for you hh-
@ultrawandit: ah!! ty!!!

and ty again hh,, hopefully
but today was a good day so at least that went well