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net neutrality
December 14th, 2017, 6:23 pm
is gone




so im actually really scared

i dont want to lose contact with you guys


you guys are literally one of the few things that keep me sane



america get your shit together please


if this does end up being it and america does nothing about this

...then i just have to say thank you for everything
its been an amazing time

im praying
thats right this athiest is pr a y i n g

that this law is repealed

but just in case


wait... WHAT HAPPENED!!!
@Sky207: net netruality was voted to be repealed and it won
@Sky207: whats net neutrality?
can i just have the definition?
Fucking rekatable Holly
Everyone in my discord is flipping out and tbh so am I
Something about paying for shit???
Well I don’t know the details but if I have to pay I’m out bc I can’t ask my mom since she doesn’t know I have an account
And yeah

Just in case, I’m gonna miss you if this does screw us over :,(
what did america do! why wont we see you again! what is happening!!!
@Sky207: chaos
@ShadowStalker1128: same hhhhhhhh
Don't worry Shad
Net neutrality being gone most likely will not heavily affect us being together
Without net neutrality companies like Verizon can now speed up, slow down, or block certain sites. For example, slowing down youtube and speeding up facebook, making you pay to speed up youtube
This is a way they make profits. You might alsp have to pay to access websites, and that leads to profit as well
However, a company's no. 1 goal is to make profits, and since SJ is small, making people pay to access it or pay to speed it up doesn't make sense because it doesn't yield a lot of profit for them. Also, SJ isn't really an obstacle for any company trying to get what they want, so they most likely won't block it, either. The most you can expect is SJ probably just being a little slower, and we'll still probably be able to stay in contact <3
@WildfireK: I’m pretty sure it got vetoed anyways XD
Nah, it wasn't vetoed, I checked with Mid and that was misinformation. It's still a thing BUT they have to wade through a swath of legal stuff to get it through and the majority seems to be against it - a lot of people are suing
sorry for scaring everybody hhhh i feel like a terrible person
This is very late but Holly this showed us that you care and how good of a friend you are
It really showed how much you think of us and I really appreciate your concern.
So yeah you didn't do anything wrong <33