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temporarily leaving
March 9th, 2019, 8:55 pm

im not posting this on da since my irl friends follow that and god knows what'll happen if they find out about all this shit

a lot happened today
one, i went to a party where i had one of the worst relapses ive had in a while thanks to the girl i like saying "at least i dont awkwardly stare at people"
two, my mom yelled at me
three, got my grades back
and four, just gave up on life

and y'know
i really cant fucking do this shit anymore

im bitter
whats fucking new

i just want to sleep for the next couple days and not wake up
im just a fucking drama queen though, arent i

and the thing is i dont have the motivation to do this shit anymore
so yeah
ill be finishing the last bits of my commissions, maybe working a bit on aurillion
but thats it
ael will be on hiatus. again. because im fucking stupid.

i just need time to breathe
please dont try to talk to me
i dont deserve shit.
and i know if i say more about why im leaving you guys will just think im petty.
which is true.

besides its not like any of y'all give a shit anyways. you guys have each other.
so yeah.



okay I know none of us can stop you so I'm not even gonna try

Take all the time you need
Don't beat yourself up too hard over it okay?
All of us get stressed from time to time
...It's only temporary, right?
No matter what you think, I'll miss you.
Damn! What the hell happened! What's going on out there! There must be more than what is given to this news.
Same tho -_______-?
aaa im sorry that must have been a hell to deal with ;;
take your time to take a break so that you can breath
ill miss you until then
but i hope youll feel better soon!!